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Later cars do offer something more of a relaxed GT experience, while the earlier cars are the more sporting and focused driving machines.

If the car does need work there’s no need to fret about parts availability, because everything is available to revive an E-type, no matter how tired.Men and women are shallow creatures when it comes to judging by appearances, and the E-type has that kind of immediately accessible sex appeal that will never go out of fashion.Even the Italians were impressed: Enzo Ferrari reputedly called it ‘the most beautiful car ever made’ – though one suspects that, like most great quotes, this one may not be entirely reliable. To say that the automotive press was shocked at the first sighting of the E-type Jaguar is an understatement. The E-type stunned the world with its futuristic and curvaceous styling, its advanced mechanical specifications and real world price of £2256.

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) that gave the E-type a comfortable ride and superb roadholding.

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