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In Petz 5, when the Puppyz/Kittenz are young, they remain in the nursery room with their mother until they are weaned.

Only the mother and offspring can access this room and the mother and offspring cannot be taken out separately.

the legs, head, and ears could be inherited from one parent and the feet, tail, and body could be inherited from the other parent.

When two different breeds of Petz are bred together, the offspring will have the base personality of one parent (or ancestor).

In that time, females will become noticeably rounder and will require extra food and attention.

Eventually, the offspring will separate from their mothers as they grow to Kittenz and Puppyz.

The appearance and evolution of internet make online dating become common.

The Petz Publisher does not work anymore, due to the fact that the website has been remodeled with the newer Petz games by Ubisoft.

Users learned how to reverse-engineer the system, and began producing additional Breedz, Toyz, playscenes, clothes, and developer tools for the games, as permitted by PF Magic, Mindscape, and Ubisoft Entertainment.

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