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According to good practice we: - didn't reinvent the weel, i.e.we have quite some Maven dependencies and these are not OSGi bundles - don't repeat ourselves, so large parts of the same code base can be used by both server and client - divided the application into several (Maven) modules - did not confuse the technical concerns of client-server infrastructure with the logical application package/module structure which should be made by functionality So we ended up with a very cleanly structured multi-module Maven project which ties together the modules with Aspect oriented programming. It was time to build an Eclipse RCP client on top of this perfect base. Top requirement was that during development we could use Eclipse's incremental compiler to work on both client and server and immediately test the results without requiring a full build.The big bundle is recognized as a valid OSGi bundle by Eclipse after building it with Maven and manually updating the plugin classpath from the generated manifest.With this way of building, updating/adding external Maven dependencies is a hell because I have to wait a few minutes for the Maven build.It seemed that the necessary files to create aren't very large, but it was way too complex to understand.We started pretty well with plain Maven and Hudson for continuous integration when creating the server application and the common code intended to be used by the client.

It's all open source software and each tool does a good job at what it was designed for.Currently I am the only programmer on a commercial project with a server RCP client. PDE export builds the webstartable RCP client which needs to be copied into the server build.A full build which can be deployed takes me about 45 minutes of manual work (which inludes waiting for Maven and PDE build). I investigated Buckminster but gave up on it after reading about it for several days.The "easiest" way I could find is to make it into one big Maven project so that it can be made into an OSGi bundle using felix maven plugin.This is because the only alternative was to make every pure Java/Maven submodule into an OSGi plugin which is even more work.

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Some note: On my laptop(Aspire 4745G 4G mem ), windows 7 x64, by default, it takes more than 30 seconds to start eclipse. And after jdk moved to ram disk, it takes 10 seconds to startup.

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