Dating for women who love beards

Science says it’s true, but what about anecdotally? In Brad Pitt’s case, it’s a tougher case, although I think we can all rule out full-beard Brad Pitt. What about someone we’re less accustomed to seeing with a beard?

Science suggests that women prefer the middle Clooney; they find the Clooney on right the least attractive; but would be more inclined toward having a relationship with the right Clooney than with the left Clooney. Affleck presents a closer call between numbers one and two.

Indeed, a study in the 1970s and another one three years ago come to similar conclusions: Women are more attracted to, and more likely to develop a long or short-term relationship with, men with light beards or stubble.

They also find men with full beards more aggressive and mature, but also the least attractive.

I'm not hoping to meet Prince Charming on here but a girl can dream right?

If you can make me laugh you're Dublin Dublin xx Fionaxx 36 Woman Seeking Men Hi :)So some stuff about me..... I don't pretend to be anything amazing, I am just your normal everyday girly girl really.

Surprisingly, both focus groups rated the applicants’ qualities similarly, even though one group had only seen each applicant for less than half a minute.

The lesson here, of course, is that first impressions are crucial.

I’m not very regimented with my personal grooming, so I generally let it grow for a few weeks and then trim it with a pair of clippers. But then my editors asked if I was down to change my Ok Cupid profile picture once a week for three weeks (while keeping everything else in my profile the same) to see if and/or how my facial hair would reflect upon the nature and number of messages I received. I’m not an avid Ok Cupid user because online dating is pretty much the worst.

Men with no facial hair were rated the second-least attractive, but also least likely romantic partners.

In other words, a little facial hair goes a long way. In the first and third images, even adjusting for image selection, the evidence seems to align with science.

Maybe I would look more like Johnnie Depp if I had one. My numbers were depressingly low, and I blame the goatee. The women I messaged probably saw my profile picture and didn’t even find it necessary to message me because ugh a goatee, amirite?!

(I admit that the hat in this picture wasn’t doing me any favors, but I was having a horrible hair day on the one day that I endured having a goatee.)The first girl who messaged me back engaged in a conversation I’d started about us sharing some of the same favorite writers and TV shows. I’ll date you hard.) Those types of things transcend facial hair, you know?

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I mean, the name of this facial hair style comes from what a goat’s face looks like. But I went ahead and shaved in a goat for this project.

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