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Each of these three equations is nonlinear and smooth.An equation is “smooth” if that equation and the derivative of that equation have no breaks (are continuous).Logits that exceed 20 cause extreme values to occur in later steps of logistic regression.

It is a good idea to initially set the Solver decision variables so that the resulting Logit is well below 20 for each record.The purpose of sorting the data is to make data patterns more evident.Using Excel data sorting tool, perform the primary sort on the dependent variable.P(X) is the probability of a machine producing conforming output.P(X) = e Taking the natural log of both sides yields the following: ln [ Pr(Y=y|X) ] = y*ln [ P(X) ] * (1-y)*ln[ [1-P(X)] ] The Log-Likelihood Function, LL, is the sum of the ln [ Pr(Y=y|X) ] terms for all data records as per the following formula: LL = ∑ Y) that maximize LL, the Log-Likelihood Function in cell H30, to produce MLL, the Maximum Log-Likelihood Function.

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