Body builder dating com are jason and molly still dating

These ”happenings” often will be part of your date, so you might as well get acquainted with them.

When you are asleep at night on your cozy bed, and it gets a little cold, you want to throw the cover over your head, and you notice that the fart has covered the space under the cover and you’ve unknowingly put yourself into a gas chamber. If you haven’t dated a bodybuilder before there is no way you could know, but if indeed you know exactly what we are talking about.

It’s either he eats enormous amounts of food periodically, or he’ll go into a rage that is out of control and might probably make a scene.

In situations like these, it’s advisable to have a meal already made in case he gets hungry in the middle of the date.

All the protein he consumes, particularly the one that comes from eggs, tends to cause an unaware build-up of foul-smelling gases which must be eliminated as quickly as possible except you want your boyfriend to explode by some internal combustion. The gas is particularly annoying when it happens suddenly during an extremely improper time.

Like in between a dinner in a beautiful restaurant, or while attending some art exposition.

The public show of ‘‘affection ‘‘of this kind can also be very unpleasant, like when you are picked up in public.

Does it look like joking around when all of a sudden, you pick up your girl in a bar and make a wrestling movie on her?

We are not just emphasizing on the wrestling part; it’s the unessential ”feats” of strength they showcase that are the problem.

Therefore, without any more fuss, the following are the five main reasons why you should not consider dating a bodybuilder. Bodybuilders that are devoted see the gym as some temple that they must often visit and on a regular basis visit for an extended time to pacify the iron gods.

It might turn out well for a single man; nevertheless, when he is in a relationship, it might be very hard to see a girl who will willingly want to be the second option after the gym.

Many will even begin to keep their family at a distance as a result of total obsession, allowing their romantic relationships to become weak with the main reason being that they are desperately striving to achieve their desired image.

Despite the fact that with the whole obsession with getting the perfect body structure some of them become isolated from the outside world and creating and preserving healthy relationships, there are still much if not more that work hard to get extreme muscular body frame just to become more competent at attracting women.

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